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Your online reputation is your most public reputation.

Social media is the most popular, cost effective and wide reaching way to communicate your message direct to your intended audience or community.

We can manage just the set up of your social media presence, or we can ensure your entire social media strategy is taken care of for as long as you want, with no lock-in contracts.

At Impact Digi we don’t just assign you one social media manager, you have access to our full team of professional creatives such as graphic designers, copywriters and digital marketing experts, all working together to ensure your online communications speak direct to your target market.

We specialise in social media management and creating content for Aboriginal Corporations, because we know communicating to your members in a way that suits them is your priority.

Case Study

North West Alliance


North West Alliance is a partnership between Palyku Traditional Owner investment group, Emu Nest, and global environmental services company, Veolia.

North West Alliance is the largest Aboriginal waste company in the Pilbara, and service major mining and oil & gas companies in Western Australia, employing over 100 people.

North West Alliance have been clients of Impact Digi since the very beginning!

A couple of years ago we were approached to set up and manage all North West Alliance social media accounts. We have reviewed and refreshed this year and will manage their overall marketing strategy, social media plan, social media content creation, liaison with key clients to collaborate on stories and posting and moderation of content on Facebook and Linkedin.


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