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Introducing Impact Digi

Our name, Impact Digi, is meaningful in more ways than one.

Firstly, ‘Digi’ is a play on the word Indigenous. As a 100% Aboriginal-owned business, we are proud of our cultural heritage.

Secondly, ‘Digi’ is also short for digital, which is one of our key services, alongside design and communications.

Thirdly, the acronym ‘ID’ is a reference to identity. We are passionate about helping Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses to grow and strengthen their brands.

Our brand identity includes a a vibrant colour palette that incorporates the colours of the Pilbara sky.

A bright future

We continue to work with a diverse range of clients throughout the North West of WA and across Australia – providing a one-stop-shop of professional design, communications and marketing services.
Our clients include small businesses, tier 1 companies, community organisations and government agencies.

Your team

Tamara Bin Amat

Managing Director

Donna MacFarlane

General Manager

Allie Dryja

Marketing Manager

Chris Jones

Website Developer

Carly Hitchcock

Senior Graphic Designer

Georgia Rouette

Senior Graphic Designer

Kel Corbett

Senior Graphic Designer

Nicole Schnitzler

Senior Graphic Designer

Lauren Achille

Social Media Content

Kate Cornish

Administration and Accounts

Some of Our Clients

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